Saturday, February 09, 2013

Kitchen Avalanche Remedy

I love organizing and decluttering, but it is lonely work, so I keep procrastinating. I keep hoping a friend or relative will join me for a fun day of taking nasty things out of cabinets! It's time to face reality, no one wants to party at my house like this!

So, I'm going to chronicle my organizing pursuits here, because it is the spark I need to get started, and I can pretend you are with me. Writing a blog post in my head while I work makes a task much more interesting to complete.Although, I'm sure it is not exactly riveting material.

Before I got started, I had to deal with this:

I noticed there was a water under the sink last night and pulled everything out to find the source of the leak. I shined the flashlight all around, felt every pipe, caressed the garbage disposal, yet none were wet. Nothing was wet except for the bottom of the cabinet. 

Brenden thinks the seal around the faucet is the culprit. 

So, I loaded everything back in, more neatly this time.

Somehow, I had made this mess since breakfast. I spent ten minutes clearing the counter and emptying the dishwasher.

Now, isn't this better? I would have felt totally broken down if I had started a new project with a dirty counter top.

This is the cabinet I was really after. Doesn't it look innocent?

It is a disaster! I try to get my rice cooker or stick blender and all kinds of crazy things tumble out after it.

 I was scared to even look inside.

Wow. Here's everything that emerged. Some of it I hadn't seen since we moved in over seven years ago. At least it is clear that I can get by without those things! The cabinet is very deep! I attached vinegary rag to my Swiffer so I could get it clean even in the back,

These things are leaving! Plastics are being recycled, and the rest is Goodwill-bound. Brenden came home and rescued the growler.  The portable chip-n-dip (or veggie tray) is nice and in good condition, but I'm not really the type who brings that to a party. I haven't used it in years.

I kept my rice cooker, pie plates, extra stock pot, cake pans, hand beater, stick blender, pitcher, travel egg plate, a vase, and a few plastic storage items (which are going in another drawer).

The best part is putting everything away neatly. I will no longer fear an avalanche!

My Week in Pictures 12.30.12 - 01.05.13

Sunday 12/30: Gina models a unique Christmas gift.

Monday 12/31: New Year's Eve at the Bluebird in Bloomington to see Reverend Payton's Big Damn Band.

Tuesday 1/1: Making salad for Brenden with my new olive oil dispenser.

Wednesday 2/1: My first day back at work after 11 days off. Those are the days when you have to kiss a dog.

Thursday 1/3: The day's mail.

Friday 1/4: I wanted to like this yellow beer, but I did not.

Saturday 1/5: My mise en place for goulash-making. Cooking is so much more peaceful when I prep properly.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

My Week in Pictures 12.23.12 - 12.29.12

Sunday 12/23: Jack and Roger came to town and we played Wits and Wagers at Gina's.

Monday 12/24: Dinner plans to eat at a Chinese restaurant went awry and we ended up at a Vietnamese restaurant. "What do you think, Brenden," Gina asked before we went in. He replied that it looked like a dump. We survived a green algae filled fish tank, coffee served in drinking glasses, a drafty dining room, and wobbly tables.

Tuesday 12/25: Setting up a game of Puerto Rico after Christmas dinner.

Wednesday 12/26:  We were supposed to get a blizzard, but just got a nice, heavy snow. Wendy was glad to play, and I was glad to have taken the day off so I didn't have to go anywhere.

Thursday 12/27: What the hell is this on my new couch?!

Friday 12/28: More snow, and it was stunningly beautiful. Wendy peed on it.

Saturday 12/29: I made a lot of Dutch babies for breakfast during break.  The puffiness is magic.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Week in Pictures 12.16.12 - 12.22.12

Sunday 12/16:  Brenden and I saw The Hobbit. Hey, look! It's Bret from Flight of the Conchords as an elf!

Monday 12/17: December's book club meeting involves extra snacks and we don't read a book that month. I always go to the December meeting..

Tuesday 12/18: These dishes are left from last Saturday when we had guests over for dinner and games. I finally tackled them. Blarg, being an adult blows sometimes.

Wednesday 12/19: Making "whole lemon" lemon bars for work the next day. They were very lemony, but really too bitter. My first disappointment from the Smitten Kitchen cookbook.

Thursday 12/20: The snow and wind were awful outside. Wendy thought twice about going out.

Friday 12/21: I love Christmas cards with pictures!

Saturday 12/22: Sarah and Sean had a party, and I brought Cassie as my date. A wonderful night catching up with old friends.

Monday, December 24, 2012

My Week in Pictures 12.09.12 - 12.15.12

Sunday 12/9: I tried eating with a tiny fork, as recommended in Drop Dead Healthy, which encourages taking smaller bites, and this eating a little less. It might actually work if I could remember to use it.

Monday 12/10: I made some broth from beef femurs. Wendy was absolutely delighted to slurp up the marrow. She even growled when I tried to check on her progress, which is quite rare.

Tuesday 12/11: My new treatment for thinning hair arrived in the mail. It looks like orange juice and smells like herbs. Since its application encouraged me to look at my hair a bit closer, I noticed a new grey hair.

Wednesday 12/12: A friend's husband was on Jeopardy! He won this night, and two more nights!

Thursday 12/13: This is where I sit when I get my hair did. That's my hair on the floor.

Friday  12/14: This sign has been hanging at my dentist's office for a decade. And every time I see it, I love it.

Saturday 12/15: Brenden invited friends over to play games. When we played Faux-Cabulary, he didn't pay any attention to the rules and just tried to invent the filthiest word possible with his dice. This was both maddening and also made me laugh until I cried.

Friday, December 21, 2012

My Week in Pictures 12.02.12 - 12.08.12

Sunday 12/2: I made this roasted chicken two nights in a row (it is from the Smitten Kitchen cookbook). The previous day, I served it to Dad and Patti.  But, we still had chicken, grapes, olives, and shallots left, so I made it again on Sunday, and it was delicious still.

Monday 12/3: On Saturday I bought this new tinsel tree. It looks so much prettier in person, and goes up in two minutes. I am happy every time I look at it.

Tuesday 12/4: A month after ordering it, our new sectional arrived.

Wednesday 12/5: Today I learned that one can order a giant pickle as a side at Jimmy John's. Lauren cleverly asked for hers to be cut in half.

Thursday 12/6: It was our 7th anniversary. I was starting to feel sick. We stayed in, ordered Indian food, and watched Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Friday 12/7: OK, now I was feeling really sick so I zoomed out of work at the end of the day and went to get a fresh juice, hoping it would nourish me and battle my germs. They made it right before my eyes with beets, carrots, apples, and a giant hunk of spicy ginger.

Saturday 12/8: As a sickly layabout, I was very glad to have Netflix. This allowed me to remember that Ted Mosby of How I Met Your Mother is one of the lamest lead characters in the history of sitcoms.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Week in Pictures 11.25.12 - 12.01.12

Sunday 11/25: There was much lounging, and I did it in my new pajamas.

Monday 11/26: I hosted book club for the first time. I meant to sneak a picture but the conversation was so wonderful that I was completely absorbed. Here lies the aftermath.

Tuesday 11/27: I thought I has lost one of my favorite earrings, but Jaclyn found it in the parking lot at work and returned it. Wonderful!

Wednesday 11/28: What should I take a picture of today?
"You can take one of me," said Brenden, as he struck a pose.

Thursday 11/29: I made this tiny yarn wreath in kindergarten and gave it to my grandma. Now it belongs to me again.

Friday 11/30: The stockings are hung!

Saturday 12/1: Shopping with Brooke. The Madewell store was offering free braids and Brooke partook. That rhymes!