Monday, December 24, 2012

My Week in Pictures 12.09.12 - 12.15.12

Sunday 12/9: I tried eating with a tiny fork, as recommended in Drop Dead Healthy, which encourages taking smaller bites, and this eating a little less. It might actually work if I could remember to use it.

Monday 12/10: I made some broth from beef femurs. Wendy was absolutely delighted to slurp up the marrow. She even growled when I tried to check on her progress, which is quite rare.

Tuesday 12/11: My new treatment for thinning hair arrived in the mail. It looks like orange juice and smells like herbs. Since its application encouraged me to look at my hair a bit closer, I noticed a new grey hair.

Wednesday 12/12: A friend's husband was on Jeopardy! He won this night, and two more nights!

Thursday 12/13: This is where I sit when I get my hair did. That's my hair on the floor.

Friday  12/14: This sign has been hanging at my dentist's office for a decade. And every time I see it, I love it.

Saturday 12/15: Brenden invited friends over to play games. When we played Faux-Cabulary, he didn't pay any attention to the rules and just tried to invent the filthiest word possible with his dice. This was both maddening and also made me laugh until I cried.


Jesse Moskel said...

These weeks in pictures rock! I love your photos. Thanks for your comment over on Coming Home. Orsi's friend!? Wow, time flies. Haven't heard that name in a minute. Oh, your dog is awesome too. Jealous, I am...:-)


Jesse Moskel said...

Awesome dog, check. Awesome weeks in pictures, check. Complimentary comment back on your site and I mean it? Priceless...your site rocks! I'm going to have to start taking pictures. It really makes everything come alive here. Great job!