Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Week in Pictures 12.16.12 - 12.22.12

Sunday 12/16:  Brenden and I saw The Hobbit. Hey, look! It's Bret from Flight of the Conchords as an elf!

Monday 12/17: December's book club meeting involves extra snacks and we don't read a book that month. I always go to the December meeting..

Tuesday 12/18: These dishes are left from last Saturday when we had guests over for dinner and games. I finally tackled them. Blarg, being an adult blows sometimes.

Wednesday 12/19: Making "whole lemon" lemon bars for work the next day. They were very lemony, but really too bitter. My first disappointment from the Smitten Kitchen cookbook.

Thursday 12/20: The snow and wind were awful outside. Wendy thought twice about going out.

Friday 12/21: I love Christmas cards with pictures!

Saturday 12/22: Sarah and Sean had a party, and I brought Cassie as my date. A wonderful night catching up with old friends.

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Jessica Nunemaker said...

Hey lady,

Found your blog today--and I'd love to highlight it as part of my ongoing series "Featured Hoosier Bloggers."

I can send you more details but it's easy. Just a fun way for my readers to discover other Hoosier blogs.

Jessica Nunemaker