Saturday, February 09, 2013

My Week in Pictures 12.30.12 - 01.05.13

Sunday 12/30: Gina models a unique Christmas gift.

Monday 12/31: New Year's Eve at the Bluebird in Bloomington to see Reverend Payton's Big Damn Band.

Tuesday 1/1: Making salad for Brenden with my new olive oil dispenser.

Wednesday 2/1: My first day back at work after 11 days off. Those are the days when you have to kiss a dog.

Thursday 1/3: The day's mail.

Friday 1/4: I wanted to like this yellow beer, but I did not.

Saturday 1/5: My mise en place for goulash-making. Cooking is so much more peaceful when I prep properly.

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TMC said...

love love love the mise en place.